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Keren Medical is researching, developing and advancing innovative surgical devices that are based on its AutoTy™ Self-Fastening Suture Technology.
This technology enables surgeons to easily and accurately join, suture and ligate tissue within challenging anatomical sites, even under limited access conditions without the need of manually fastening the sutures.
The technology is easy to use and enables accessing challenging targets by means of minimally invasive approaches, thereby dramatically reducing the duration of surgery and minimizing risks of errors due to lack of adequate exposure and visualization of the surgical field, conditions that may otherwise lead to fatigue and overload.
The self-fastening sutures will be manufactured from a variety of materials, either absorbable or non absorbable.
Other characteristics such as rigidity, dimensions, thickness, length design may be adapted in accordance with particular surgical applications.
AutoTy™ Suture will accommodate and enable a wide range of surgical procedures.
Kerens Medical offers simple, practical and manageable technology adapted by design to facilitate Intracorporeal and Extracorporeal applications (or approaches).
The AutoTy™ Suture technology will enable the development of a wide range of small and effective innovative suturing devices of various sizes, such as: Anastomosis devices, Fixation devices, Closure devices and Ligation devices.

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