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The AutoTy™ FX Fixation device will employ Keren Medical's self-fastening sutures to secure mesh nets in various surgical procedures. The self-fastening sutures will be delivered, positioned and tightened one by one in the same manner and ease that the common "Tacks" are currently positioned, enabling surgical use for either open, laparoscopic or robotic procedures.
Keren Medical's "Tacks" are designed as sutures but delivered as tacks.
The AutoTy™ FX will be a preferred, ideal choice to secure mesh nets in procedures such as Inguinal or Ventral Hernia repairs and in cases of Sacrocolpopexy (Pelvic Organ Prolapse) and many other procedures where mesh nets are utilized.
The use of Keren Medical's self-fastening sutures to fixate and anchor mesh nets imitates the original gold standard that is difficult and cumbersome to achieve in laparoscopic procedures. Furthermore, the self-fastening sutures in comparison with the common tacks used today will reduce associated patient pain due to the suture's dimensions, low profile and suppleness, combined with enhanced strength and safety that will improve the final outcome due to the secure connections and ultimately reduce to a minimum, the Installation of foreign materials within the body.

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