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Keren Medical Introduces an innovative Surgical Suturing Technology that enables positioning, adaptation, approximation and fastening of tissues by means of "Self-fastening Sutures".
The new (IP Granted) technology enables positioning the self-fastening sutures while eliminating the need to ligate.
The technology will enable accessing and positioning the self-fastening sutures even at remote otherwise difficult to access challenging targets. The system provides designated delivery devices of different sizes and designs, for open field surgical procedures or minimally invasive techniques.
In addition, the technology enables designing devices that can position cluster of self-fastening sutures simultaneously.
Keren Medical is currently developing a series of four designated devices that will deliver and deploy the innovative suturing technology:
1. AutoTy™ Anastomosis devices.
      a. AutoTy™ RP Device - Anastomosis following radical prostatectomy.
      b. Other applications such as per Intestine, Esophagus, vessels and the like.

2. AutoTy™ Fixation Devices.
      a. Attachment and Fixation of mesh nets (Hernia, Urology and Gynecology).
      b. Fixations of tissue in Gynecological procedures

3. AutoTy™ Closure Devices.
      a. Organs and Vessels Ligation/Occlusion.

4. AutoTy™ Suturing/Ligation Devices.
      a. Suturing in challenging restrictive surgical cavities as in Orthopedics (meniscus and rotator cuff repairs), Cardiac (Mitral valve repair), GI tract, Stomach, Neck and the like.

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